New Lawn & Topsoil

Our Lawn Turf and Topsoil

The majority of our customers choose our excellent value High Quality Garden Lawn Turf. However, we can also quote for laying specialist Shade-Pro Lawn Turf, or Rolawn Lawn Turf on request.

Our High Quality Turfing Topsoil is a carefully mixed blend of loamed topsoil and compost, perfect to ensure your new lawn establishes and thrives.

New Lawn & Topsoil 2

Why choose High Quality Garden Lawn Turf for your new lawn?:

  • Purpose Grown Turf type suitable for virtually all garden lawns
  • Grows well on all soil types (even clay!)
  • Healthy, beautiful and lush green grass sward
  • Hard-wearing and durable
  • Offers better tolerance to shady conditions and drought
  • Lower maintenance
  • Pre-fertilised
  • Freshly cut for each order
  • Excellent value for money
  • Grown in the Southeast of England, known as the renowned for its quality lawn turf growing grounds
    (Beware of other suppliers hauling lawn turf from the North of England which spends time spoiling during transit)
  • The carefully selected seed mix used makes our High Quality Garden Lawn Turf suitable for virtually ALL garden ground types in Sussex and the Southeast